Corporate Internal App for Bank

Corporate Internal App for Bank

Established in 1992, PrivatBank is the leader in Ukrainian banking. 

PrivatBank is one of the most innovative banks in the world, we work in LatviaCyprusPortugal, Italy, and have representative offices in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, China, co-operate with hundreds of bodies worldwide.

According to market research carried out by Gfk Ukraine in the IV quarter of 2018, 53,4% of individual clients considered us as their main bank. This percentage exceeded the total percentages of the next twenty-five banks in the Gfk ranking. This index made up 45,9% for corporate clients. PrivatBank is one of the world's most innovative banks. Over ten years ago the Bank was among the first banks that started using one-time SMS passwords. Among the recent innovations recognized all over the world, there are such products as payment mini-terminals, login to Internet bank using a QR code, online cash collection, and dozens of different mobile applications.


Scope of works:

  • More than 11 projects in corporate intranet
  • Creating application architectures
  • Development of application logic
  • Work with high-security API
  • Makeup all frontend of apps, splitting for smaller parts
  • Adaptive, flexible layouts with CSS3 properties
  • Work with database
  • PSD to HTML/CSS/JS and from other mockups to HTML/CSS/JS
  • Providing support for mobile browsers
  • provision of safety rules in the programming code


22 January 2015


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